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LED Base: Set and Forget! This base automatically flows through several colors on its own and leaves a cool light effect on the ceiling. This base is powered with AA batteries.

Base and Remote: Flexibility and convenience at it’s finest! This base allows the choice of switching between several colors and lighting modes including brightness controls and light effects all powered through the click of a remote. The base is powered by AAA batteries.

Rotating Base: Display Piece! This base flows through several colors on its own. The switch can be toggled with just the lights and no rotation or toggled with lights and on and rotating. It can be used with an included USB cable or wirelessly with 3 AAA Batteries.

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Have you always dreamt of catching your own Pokémon?

With this Pokéball, you can finally fulfill your childhood dream and become a Real Pokémon Trainer!

Here’s How It Works

Our glowing crystal Pokéballs are illuminated with high-quality LED lights embedded in the circular base. You can easily switch on the multi-colored lights to reveal a life-like Pokémon.

You can use it as a unique nightlight or buy it as a gift for a Pokémon fan that would enjoy this must-have collectible.

The miniatures of your favorite legendary monsters are created in realistic detail with laser-focused precision.

The Pokéball range invites you to enjoy the magic of Pokémon in a beautiful visual spectacle and makes a perfect gift or addition to your growing collection.

Are you ready to catch em’ all?

With these light-up monsters brightening up your home and your collection, you will always have something to show off to your guests.

Gather your favorites and see a childhood dream come true.

With Charizard, Pikachu, Eevee, and many more available for you to choose from!

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
J. K.

Arrived during the first few days of expected delivery, works as advertised! This is the second ball I've gotten as gifts for friends. The rotating base and changing lights work as well! Great gift for pokemon lovers!


Excellent quality. No cracks on the Chrystal ball and the Lucario inside the ball is spectacular. Rotating base was a nice touch.

This item is exactly as pictured!

Those glowing pokeballs are awesome ! The models are amazing and react really well to the lights provided with the pokeballs. Shout out to seller who took good care of my order. The delivery arrived very quickly (to France) and the selling service and communication provided by the seller was perfect. I just love those glowing pokeballs and would definitely buy some again and recommend them. Keep up the good work and thanks !

We are obsessed with this product

Perfect..we love how different, clever and unique the 3D design is. Better then a snow globe. Can't stop watching the crystal ball and all it's colors.

5 stars from happy customer

I was pleasantly surprised by how good it came out! The glass ball is quite heavy, which I thought was good. And the Pokémon on the inside look amazing, exactly what the picture showed! The turning table base does actually turn and light up! I was so glad this worked, I was most worried about the base. Overall I am very happy with the quality and presentation, I would definitely recommend!!